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Kenedy & Cuero Ocelots – 1938, 1948

This story about a Karnes County man being attacked by multiple ocelots (a.k.a. leopard cats) sounds like a hyperbolic hunting story at first. However, there could be some truth to it. I found reports of ocelots in neighboring DeWitt County a decade earlier in the papers of Valgene Lehmann, a biologist at the King Ranch.

It merits further investigation. Maybe they were defending kittens?

A Kenedy man received some minor scratches and a torn pair of trousers recently when he was attacked by a huge leopard cat while out hunting.

Victoria Advocate – October 3, 1948, p. 15

Kenedy Ocelot Attack

Ocelot Sightings in DeWitt County 1938 – Valgene Lehmann Papers

The ocelot sightings appear below in red. They are all along creeks on the north side of the Guadalupe River between Cuero and Yoakum.

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