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Border Bear Escape – 1957

The Brownsville Herald – June 30, 1957, p. 13

One got away! A black bear was spotted in rural Hidalgo County near McAllen in 1957, and the county sheriff was mobilized to catch it. Fortunately, it snuck across the border in time to evade its pursuers. Not much else happens in this story, but it’s really interesting that in 1957 there were still bears this far south along the Rio Grande. Unfortunately, border wall construction and development would likely prohibit movement into Hidalgo County by Mexican bears today.

Also, Winnie the Pooh must have been popular in South Texas in the 1950s.

At noon, no trace of the bear had been found, although several of the volunteer hunters even carried honey in the hope that the odor of the honey might entice the bear out of hiding.

bear hunters on the texas border
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