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Rio Grande Valley Jaguar – 1946

Source: “The last jaguar,” Brownsville Herald – June 23, 2008, & “A South Texas Big Game Hunt,” Texas Game and Fish Magazine – May 1946, p. 29, 32

Because of an article by Steve Sinclair entitled “The last jaguar” in the Brownsville Herald in 2008, the 1946 Rio Grande Valley jaguar is the Texas jaguar most people are familiar with. Sinclair does an excellent job retelling the story, so I encourage you to read it. Unfortunately, it was removed from the Herald website, but I have preserved it as a PDF here.

As a bonus, I’ve included some of his original source material, an article by Chas G. Jones from Texas Game and Fish Magazine, below.

“In no time all the hounds picked up the jaguar’s trail. The chase was on. Ranch hands were stationed with rifles and shotguns on open spots where the jaguar might appear in his maddened efforts to lose the closely pursuing hounds.

South Texas Game Hunt 1
South Texas Game Hunt 2
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