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Ozona Jaguar – 1915

Source: Victoria Daily Advocate – May 18, 1915, p. 3 & Corpus Christi Caller – May 19, 1915, p. 4

The Ozona jaguar is one of the least reported jaguar encounters in the 20th century, but I have found mentions in a couple of papers. This piece from the Victoria Daily Advocate has the most detail. In the article, they distinguish it from the more common ocelot, which was often called the “leopard cat.”

While the ordinary leopard cats are numerous in this section, the regular South American leopard is rarely ever encountered north of the Rio Grande.

Leopard news clip

A day later, the jaguar gets mentioned in the Corpus Christi Caller. The author uses xenophobic language that was so often invoked when talking about jaguars. I can’t imagine anyone would use the phrase “refugee from Mexico” to refer to a migratory bird or even a javelina that wandered across the border.

Caller Times Ozona Jaguar
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