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West Texas Antelope Hunt – 1944

The pronghorn antelope population in Texas has declined from a million or more animals pre-colonization to only a few thousand today. The Parks and Wildlife Department actively works to expand their numbers today, but in 1903 the pronghorn hunt was put on hold to help rebuild the population. It didn’t resume until 41 years later. The story below chronicles the first pronghorn hunt after the hiatus in 1944. A permit application is included as well.

The first antelope hunt in Texas in 41 years was a complete success. Of the 328 hunters afield, 90.5 percent were successful in taking one of the 297 antelope killed.

“Antelope Hunt” by Daniel W. Lay Texas Game and Fish Magazine – December 1944, p. 4-6

Texas Antelope Hunt p1
Texas Antelope Hunt p2
Texas Antelope Hunt p3

Texas Game and Fish Magazine – July 1944

Texas antelope hunt permit
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