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Hill Country Jaguarundi Sightings – 1949, 1970

The jaguarundi is possibly the rarest and least understood of Texas wild cats. However, it is also one many people claim to have seen. There are unconfirmed reports of the small long tailed cats from all over the state. I have multiple friends that have seen them in South and East Texas. In central Texas, sightings have been associated with a release of jaguarundis in Bastrop and Caldwell Counties in the mid 1980s, but people were seeing jaguarundi in the Hill Country decades earlier. Below you’ll find a couple of jaguarundi reports from the mid-20th century.

That fits the jaguarundi, which has been sighted and identified most often as our big black cat with a long tail.

Roy Swann

Tyler Morning Telegraph – October 29, 1949, p. 4

Texas hill country jaguarundi

The Corpus Christi Caller-Times – December 17, 1970, p. 34

Texas Hill Country Jaguarundi
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