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New Braunfels, Texas 1857

Wild Texas History is a digital exhibit of Texas wildlife documents from 1700-2000.

These three centuries generally cover the colonization of Texas to the modern environmental movement. The stories cataloged here are often grim, because people thoughtlessly destroyed wildlife for much of Texas’s history. However, starting in the 20th century there are stories of hope and conservation. The topic is vast, so new material will be added regularly. By sharing these documents we hope people will realize how wild Texas once was and will imagine how wild it could be.

May 15, 2020Wild Texas History Website Launch Press Release


We strive to focus on historical sources and add intelligent commentary, but we do not claim to be academic. We love storytelling and care about wildlife conservation, so opinions and enthusiasm can bleed through at times. Posts are listed chronologically by source date rather than publish date and they are updated as new information is discovered.

Created and Edited by Scott Dubois

The site is maintained by Scott Dubois, a writer and travel advisor living in Austin. If you love modern Texas wildlife, follow him on Instagram at @atxwildlife. If you want to canoe the Zambezi River, he can also help with that.

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